What You Didn’t Know About LA Dodgers

LA Dodgers is a professional baseball team that is based in Los Angeles in CA, USA. The team is part of National League West Division of major League Baseball. Before moving to Los Angeles in 1958, LA Dodgers was based in Brooklyn, New York where it was founded in 1883.While in Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, they participated in 4 seasons of playing before relocating to the current Dodger Stadium which happens to be their present home.
Change of Name
LA Dodgers was initially referred to as Robins in the 20th century. Around that period, the team managed to win titles in 1916 and 1920. It lost World Series to Boston and Cleaveland. The team later decided to change its name from Robins to Dodgers in 1930.This was after pedestrians in Brooklyn dodged street cars in the city.
The team received their National League pennant in 1941 but later lost it to New York Yankees. This was the beginning of big rivalry between the two teams; Dodgers and Yankees.
In 1955, Dodgers managed to get their 1st World Series Title. They later left Brooklyn and went to Los Angeles. While in LA, they won their second World Series League Title and managed to beat Chicago White Sox in 6 games. This was in 1959.
Led by the dominant pitching style of Don Drysdale and Sandy Koufax, the team managed to capture 3 pennants in 1960s. It also won 2 World Series title around the same period. It beat Yankees in 4 games in 1963 and bordered Minnesota Twins in 7 in 1965.Dodgers later registered stupendous results in baseball sports by winning four pennants in 1966, 1974, 1977 and 1978.They however lost in every world appearance in the same period.
In 1981, their glory in World Title Series resurfaced after winning the coveted title. This was under the pitching sensation of Fernando Valenzula.Dodgers got another pitching hero by the name Oriel Hershiser who led them to a World Victory Series in 1988.
Dodgers are big rivals with San Francisco Giants. San Francisco Giants are their oldest rivals in baseball sport. This rivalry began when the two teams were playing in New York City where Dodgers was founded. It is now LA Dodgers located in Los Angeles. The 2 teams moved to the western side for season of 1958. Brooklyn Dodgers and Los Angeles Dodgers have both appeared in World Series 18 times while New York Giants and San Francisco Giants have appeared 21 times. Giants won 2 World Series while their opponents, Dodgers won 21 National League pennants although the record is being held by the Giants with 23.These two franchises have both excelled in sports but intense rivalry dominated between them due to stiff competition in baseball .While they were still in New York, Giants captured 5 World Series Championship while their biggest competitor Dodgers won only once. After relocation to California, LA Dodgers emerged victorious with 5 World Series titles. Conversely, their rivals, Giants won 3 while in San Francisco.
LA Dodgers Stadium
It is referred to us Dodgers stadium and is located in Los Angeles, California. The Stadium was completed in time and opened officially in 1962.Owing to its clean, simple lines and picturesque setting amid palm trees and hills, ballpark quickly became Dodgers’ icon as well as their new lifestyle in California. The stadium was characterized by the culture of apathy and indifference.
One of the big forces behind the construction of the stadium was O’ Malley. He was determined to ensure that a bad seat would not be in the house. He successfully managed to achieve this by using cantilevered grandstands that were once imitated to great extent.
Dodgers Stadium was very significant to the LA Dodgers team. The stadium was big in size. Other factors also favored the defense tem against the offense. For this reason, LA Dodgers took that advantage by assembling a team that would perform well with its pitching. When we pulled up to the Game last week one of the electric car chargers was broken. We called a the commercial electrician Los Angeles to come and fix it while we were in the game. He was a big Dodgers fan so it worked out for everyone. That is what I love so much about the stadium, the love of the game carries throughout the people!
Their home jersey is usually white in color. The word ‘Dodgers’ is written in script across the chest in Dodger Blue. On the other hand, their road jersey is grey in color with the word ‘Los Angeles’ written in script.

In Conclusion, LA Dodgers has continued to express dominance in baseball sports competition and is arguably the best baseball team in California. It has registered stupendous results over the past years. We can rightly say that their achievement has largely been contributed by rivalry and stiff competition with their opponents both from New York and California.

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LA galaxy and how amazing it is to take a San Fernando valley limo to the games

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